Top Flight BasketBall Academy


1. Payment is due on the first day of each new program.

2. The first class is FREE for all new students. One-time drop-in fee: 1150 baht.

3. Payments received after the second week of each program will be assessed a 500 baht late fee. (No exceptions)

4. ALL Top Flight players must pay a one-time 1,000 baht membership fee. The yearly membership fee includes Top Flight basketball uniform. All players must pay the registration fee and uniform must be worn at all Top Flight sessions. Membership is good from one calendar year to the next for example: 2019–2020

5. Bank Transfer Payments can be made to the following account (Please bring proof of payment on the first day of the program) Bank Account: TOPFLIGHT BASKETBALL CO. LTD, Bangkok Bank, 031-0-21249-3


1. NO CASH REFUNDS will be given for any reason; injury, illness, accidents. Cash refunds will not be given for any reason whatsoever. Doctors notes, photos etc, are not accepted.

2. There is a Maximum of 3 make-up classes per term no matter the reason. Make-up classes must be completed by the end of the term and will not extend in to the new term for any reason.

3. Make-up session can not be extended from one season to the next, once a term has ended you are no longer entitled to make-up class for any reason whatsoever missed sessions must be made up in the same term. Injury or illness are not acceptable excuses.

4. Make up classes are valid for any other age-appropriate Top Flight training program, with the exception of invitation only programs and camps.


1. Elite Team Fees are due on the first day of each new season. After the 1st week Elite Team fees are subject to a 500 baht late fee. (No exceptions)

2. There is no pro-rated price for Elite Team fees FULL team fees are due at the beginning of each season. 10 sessions per term.

3. There are no makeups classes for missed Elite Team practices for any reason (injury, illness, etc.) Doctor or hospital notes, pictures, are not accepted.

4. Elite Team players will not be allowed to skip seasons and rejoin during another season. Acceptance of an invitation to play on the Elite Team is a year long commitment. If you cannot commit to the entire season please do not accept a spot that another player can have.


1. Registration is due on the first day of each new camp. Late payments will not be accepted.

2. NO cash refunds will be given for missed days of camp for ANY reason; injury, illness, etc. Doctors notes will not be accepted.

3. In the case of serious injury Top Flight can offer complimentary credit for the next Top Flight Camp. In the event that the student cannot attend the next camp NO refund will be given.


  • Enrolment in 2 or more classes in the same term.
  • Family Discount for 2+ students registering from the same family.